About us

We manufacture products from cloth(cotton,jute,silk etc)

We have been dealing with few companies in USA in home textiles. Our company is ISO 9001..2008 certified. We have a vertical unit with over 250 stitching machines. You are welcome to send a panel of your auditing team to our factory. Let us know the specification of the products and we would be able to quote our best CIF prices and lead time. Samples are available for your consideration.


What we do


Bring your ideas to us and we can create a popular and top selling product out of it

  • Customize your size
  • Imprint your own logo
  • Add colors to your product
  • Style your product

Our Mission

Great ideas start at the root, so SAVE TREES and SAVE PLANET

Our mission is to eradicate the use of plastic bags which may take a couple of 100 years to decompose and our earth does not like that,

Using Organic and Eco-friendly products favors the earth’s environment.


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